Farmerís Land

ZOFF IN BUFFALO: Extension for 6 players

Additional Components:


No changes, the same as in a game for 3 to 5 players.

Variants Zoff in Buffalo

For advanced players:

Begin normally with the first distribution of cows to the prairies. After that, auction the color you want to play with. All players secretly mark a number, preferabily with lots of digits to avoid ties (1,0895 e. g.). Highest bid chooses color first. At the end of the game, deduct your marked number from your total of cows placed in the prairies.

Cattle market (increasing surprise and spreading):

There is another bonus. The player who places a cow in the last vacant space is entitled for one bonus cow (prairies with 6 to 14 spaces) respectively 2 bonus cows (prairies with more than 14 spaces). This bonus is applied before the other boni.

© 1997, 2001 Christwart Conrad