For all who interested here are the systems I own:
1 x Amiga 2000/030, 2MB Chip- 8MB FastRAM, Kick 1.3 + 3.1, Picasso II, Buddha, GVP-SCSI, CD-Burner and ZIP-LW (OS 1.3 and 3.9)
1 x Amiga 2000, 3MB RAM, Kick 2.0 and OS 2.1 (ClassicWB from Bloodwych), Tandem-Controller, GVP-SCSI and CD-Burner, an external ZIP-Drive
(First this system only was thought as a replacement, now my Junior plays with them)

 1 x Amiga 1200, Kick 3.1, with Blizzard 1230/IV with 32MB RAM, 2,1 GB IDE-HDD with OS 3.9, PC-power supplyl and Monitor M1538
(For the Monitor there was no space anymore on the pic)
Normally this snow white Amiga is placed in cupboard. But for you I place him back to the light and made a picture.

1 x Amiga 1200 in RBM-Tower, Kick 3.1 (OS 3.9), Blizzard 1260 with 128 MB RAM, SCSI-Kit, CD-Burner, ScanMagic FliFi, PC-Keyboard-Interface, 1 SCSI-HD, Idefix-Controller, 2 IDE-HD's in mobile racks (1x30GB and 1x40GB), CD-Drive and ZIP-Drive (OS 3.9)

1 x Amiga 1200-Motherboard with a special PC-power supplyl and Kick 3.1 for fast testing of misc Hardware without to pick to pieces running systems first.
 To do this work a litle bit faster there is a small 3,5"-HD with 3,2 GB (with OS 3.1), Blizzard 1230/III with 32MB and a PC-Keyboard-Interface ready to run beside it.

1 x Amiga 4000 in RBM-Tower, Kick 3.1 (OS 3.9), 060-CPU, 256 MB RAM, SCSI-Harddisk (2,1GB, Systemstartpartition)), 2 IDE HD's in mobile racks (1x30GB and 1x60GB), CD-Burnner, CD-Drive, ZIP-Drive, Fast-ATA-Controller, ScanMagic FLiFi, PC-Keyboard-Interface, Scanner, Melody-Soundcard and a MIDI-Interface (all small parts I don't will count)

1 x CDTV, Kick 1.3, 2.0 and 3.1 with Mouse-/Joystickadapter, Remote Control, Mouse, Floppy drive, SCSI-Controller, 2,1 GB SCSI-Harddisk with OS 1.3, 2.0 and 3.1,
from time to time I connect the external CD-Burner via SCSI.
The correct OS for the used KickROM is boot by using a batchfile.
 Until today this CDTV only have 1 MB RAM.

1x CDTV standard (this means original without any expansions but a black floppy, Remote Control, Mouse and a keyboard)

1 x CD32, with SX-1, 10 GB HDD with OS 3.5, 8 MB RAM, Floppy drive and A1000 keyboard

1x CD32 with fWSI floppy drive :-)


Last but not least of course there's yet Amithlon and WinUAE on the PC. WinUAE only emulate my A4000.