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Totaka's, a part of Tantra which is also one of the very effective method among the family of three methods named Tantra-Mantra-Yantra,
to attain accomplishment of one's desires. Tantra-Mantra-Yantra had been developed by ancient rishi's and saints, belong to Indian culture but being neglected nowadays by Indians while at the same time these methods are very popular and being used & adopted by lot of foreigners with good faith in their countries to get benefits in regard to love, money, moksha, health, wealth, career and power etc. Though these methods are being used to ward off evil effects of planets and souls etc. but at the same time one can use these methods especially Totaka's (Tantra) in regard to Vashi Karan, Uchattan, Sthamban and Videshan etc. These Totaka's (Tantra) given below under various headings, has been procured by us from various sources and must be used and adopted only for good cause. The success and failure of these totaka's is entirely based on the way of using this and according to the faith of sadhaka on these methods. Kindly note that we will not be responsible for any type of loss and/or benefits etc. to anyone
due to the use of these totaka's (tantras).

Vashikaran for Ladies/Wives
  1. On Sunday grind the white Goonchi and mix this powder with your own blood to get a paste for the same. Make pills of this and keep them in safe place. Offer this pill secretly in a sweet to eat to any lady you want to put under your control.
  2. On Any Tuesday comes during second (Dwitiya tithi) of Ashwani Nakshatra in Shukal Paksh, take the powder of small ilaichi, dakshina supari, malkangni and loong and mix the same in juice of lajwanti and then make small pills of the same by adding your semen in it. Whomsoever lady will eat the betel leaf having one small pill in the same, will be infatuated.
  3. During Pushya Nakshatra bring root of Balchhar and keep in in your mouth For a while and take it out and put the same in betel leaf and give the same o a lady to whom you want to infatuate.
  4. During Pushya Nakshatra put the powder of root of manjeeth on the head of the lady and she will be come under your vashikaran.
  5. On any Monday comes under Mrigsira Nakashtra mix your semen in the powder of supari, put the same in betel leaf and give the same to a lady who will then be come under your vashikaran.
  6. Cut all your 20 nails (foot & hand) continuously on all 8 Saturdays and mix them all on 8th Saturday. Procure the nails of Khutekbaree bird and mix the same with your nails. Put them all in carthon pot and place them on fire and wait till the all be turned into ash. This ash then be mixed in butter and offer to any lady to whom you want to bring under your control. This will work and fulfill your desires.
  7. After the act of intercourse, rub your semen on the left under foot of the lady with your left hand. The lady will be infatuated.
  8. Collect the dust of underfeet of a washerman during the period of Pushya Nakshatra. On Sunday evening put the same dust on the fore head of the lady to whom you want to bring under your control. This will work well.
  9. During night take your semen in your right hand and put the same on the thumb of foot of lady with the finger of your left hand. The lady will come under your vashikaran.
  10. Collect and make the wick of the clothes of very first mensas of a girl and burn that wick in a lamp of Arindi oil and collect the Kajal and the same in safe place in a kajal dibiya. Put the pinch of this kajal on any lady during Hast Nakashtra. The lady will come under your control.

Vashikaran for Men/Husband's
  1. On any Sunday grind the seeds of Tulsi and then mixed the same with the juice of sehdevi. Apply Tilak on your forehead and contact or go before the men you want to enchant. Men will be infatuated.
  2. The lady should take flour on any Sunday or Tuesday, equal to the weight of her left shoe and make four chapaties. Purify these chapaties with the above mentioned sidha mantra (To sidha this mantra recite 1008 times duly performing homa etc.). Any men who eat these chapaties will come under your control for ever.
  3. Fill the dust of underfeet of a man in the horn of a bull (bull who died on sunday) and purify the same horn with the smoke of the guggal and fix the same in the house of woman. The man will come under your control.
  4. On Monday bring the branch of Braham Dandi, grind it and make the Anjan (Surma) of the same. Whenever you want to enchant the man, pply this Anjan (Surma) in your eyes and go before that man, he must be come under your control.

  5. Vashikaran for Ministers and Officers

    Recite the below given mantra by performing 1.25 lacs japa in 41 days sitting under Bargad Tree starting on Sunday in Ashwini Nakshatra, to get sidhi of this mantra.
    1. Grind Kum Kum, Lal Chandan, Camphor and Tulsi Leaf in cow milk and purify the same with above mantra for 7 times. Apply tilak for the same on your fore head and go before the superiors or rajas or ministers etc. and see the difference.
    2. Grind Chandan, Gorochan and Camphor, mix them all and purify the same with above mantra for 21 times. Apply tilak on fore head and go before the person to whom you want to enchant, you will get success in your desires while dealing with him/her.
    3. Mix the powder of Hartal, Ashatgand, Camphor and Mansal after grinding them all and make the paste with milk of goat. Purify this paste with above mantra for 21 times and apply tilak on your fore head. Officers or Ministers or Superiors will be infatuated whenever you go before them.

    4. Videshan Tantra's

      If any person and/or persons who is creating trouble against you or against the society etc. and you want to make differences amongest those type of friends, opponents, associates and in between any two and/or more persons, you can do that with the help of these 'Totakas'. Below is the 'Mantra', to attain sidhi of the same, recite one rasary daily for 21 days. The word 'Amuk' 'Amuk' should be replaced by the names of the person(s) against whom you are going to make differences.

      1. Take the 'Wings of Sae' and purify them by reciting above mantra by 108 times. Fix these 'Wings of Sae' on the doors of such person with who you want to make the differences.
      2. Grind the teeth of lion and elephant with butter and get the paste, purify the same by reciting the above mantra by 108 times. Put the tilak of the same on the forehead of the persons in between you want to make differences, and see how they quarrel and got to be separated.
      3. Collect the nails of cat and hairs of dog, purify the same with above mantra by reciting for 108 times. Wherever you will burn the same, persons lived there will start quarrelling and videshan will be created there
      4. Get the juice of 'Bhangraj plant leaves' and apply the same on the clothes of the persons in between you want to make videshan. They will start fighting each other.
      5. On any Sunday collect the dust from where Asses and Rams relaxes and puryfy the same with above mantra by reciting 108 times. Throw this infused dust wherever you want to make videshan and see how the persons lives in that house or place will start fighting each other.

      6. Uchattan Tantra's

        In case of urgency, by the use of these Uchattan Tantra you can force any person or livelihood to go away from their places and profession or business etc. These tantra may only be applied on your enemies who are continuously harassing and creating unhealthy atmosphere for you to get you down in the society. Attain the sidhi of below given mantra by reciting the same for ten thousand times. Before applying any article (mentioned below) infuse the same by reciting this mantra by 108 times.

        1. About 12 inch long wood of 'Gular' tree be purified with above mantra and then be buried in the house of the person concerned. He will be subjected to uchattan.
        2. Purify the root of Klehar by reciting with the above mantra by 21 times and then burry the same in the house of enemy. Your enemy will be subjected to uchattan.

        Miscellaneous Tantra's for Prosperity/Removal of Bad Effects.

        1. To remove the malefic effects of all planets, procure and mix all the items as roots of Aak; Dhatura; Upamarg; Bargad; Peepal and Shami Tree, leaves of Gular and Mango trees alongwith Dhoob, Ghee, Milk, Rice, Gram, Moong, Wheat, Til, Honey and Matotha. Put them all in a bone and bury the same under the Peepal Tree on Saturday evening.
        2. Perform the 'Homa' with homa samagri alongwith Guggal in your house etc. to remove the bad effect.
        3. To get success in the court of law, one should keep in his/her mouth the root of Cabage and Mayur herb before going into the court of law.
        4. Get the thread of Mauli equal to the length that of from foot thumb to head and wrap the same on to a coconut (Kacha Narial having water in it). At the time of Sun rise, stand in a running water of any river or lake etc., facing east and throw the same Coconut in the water after passing it seven times over your head. While passing the coconut over to your head, have desire that all your troubles and bad effect should go off.