***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** NAWADA is the proud of Mithila Famous Durga Temple.

NAWADA is the proud of Mithila.

This is the main "Durga Temple". Due to unavailability i cannot show the full pictures of the Temple campus and sceneries.

Hi, Friends my name is Ganesh jha(Deepak jha).

I proud to be a NAWADAIAN(maithil).
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NAWADA is a hostorical village of MITHILA.
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What has happened in Enlish rule, they normally forced citizens to shell their product at lower price rate(Value) that they could buy it and shell these product in high price rate to make more profit.
I think NAWADA is only a village in India of those people who forced Enlish man to shell their products and Lands and purchased. NAWADA is Situated in Darbhanga(Almost 22 KMs away from Darbhanga city near Benipur).

History of NAWADA.
In the village all are land lord had played his role in freedom fight. Some freedom fighters are alive and describes the fight in his words emotionally. village proud of his sons who has sacrified for the nation and serving for the nation with big roles. Many villagers have been awarded by the Presiden of India and by prime minister Manmohan singh for his sacrifice & service to the nation.

Kamla river divides the large(population of 20,000) NAWADA village into two parts and makes it a good peacefull tourist place.
Walking on the bank of the river during the rain season when river has full of water is really a good feeling. A large number of people come to NAWADA to amuse their familes.

History of Temple.
It has a long history. In the ancient age there were a king whose family Goddess was "HAI-HATT DEVI". It is said that kingdom was the boon of the Goddess to the king. King did not lived long but the place has a very famous temple ( Jagdamba Dham 'Nawada' ). This temple is very famous religious place in Bihar now. During Durga Puja People from all across the country come to NAWADA to devote their worship to the Goddess DURGA. There is a good market also near the Temple.

It is also said, When Shiva had got angred on Devi Shati's(Shati was the first wife of Lord Shiva) death on her father's religious ceremony and Shiva was going to destroy the whole world then all of God visited to the God Vishnu and requsted him to destroy the Devi Shati's dead body. God Vishnu throws his Shudarshan Chakra on Devi's dead body and divided into 52 parts. It is said the left soldier had falled at the temple place. it is also mentioned in our religious books.

This is the Goddess throan.

In the temple there is no statue of Goddess Durga it is theft. Devotees worship the throan of Devi Durga. There is many temples around the main temple. Every temlpe has some histories in the temple campus.
Go once NAWADA during the Durga puja to feel it.

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